Marian Days 2023 Contest and Raffle Winners Announcement

Marian Days 2023 was concluded at 10:00 PM on Saturday July 15th 2023 with a large number of participating attendees that outperformed our anticipation. In the last 3 months, we have prepared and provided a variety of other on-going programs as participating opportunities to youth, young adults, and all California residents to encourage everyone, all walks of faith, to join us. The number of people participated in these programs also outperformed our expectation.

Through our Priests and Nuns, as judges, we are happy to announce the winners of our contests below.

Our Raffle Prize winning via lottery is also recorded as below. Please contact us through our email to arrange for a day/time to pick up your prizes. All unclaimed prizes by September 15th, 2023 will go toward Marian Days 2024 Fund.

Thank you for all your participation and contribution. We will see you on Marian Days III on July 12th and 13th 2024 with a new theme:“Mary, Ark of the Covenant“.

Logo Contest Giải Marian Days 2023

Rick Conway, Huntington Beach CA


Essay Contest / Giải Luận Làm Văn

Giải Nhất Trung Học

Dominick Ninh – Garden Grove High School


Giải Nhị Trung Học

Alexander Lam – Sunny Creek High School Texas


Giải Nhất Sinh Viên

Joseph Nguyễn – Orange Coast College


Giải Nhị Sinh Viên

Celina Trần – Chapman University


Floragraph Contest / Giải Nghệ Thuật Vẽ Bằng Hoa

Giải Nhất

Entry 3 TNTT Têrêxa Hài Đồng (Huynh Trưởng Team)
La Purisima Church


Giai Nhì

Entry 1 TNTT Đức Mẹ Mông Triệu – St. Boniface Church


Giải Ba

Entry 2 TNTT Têrêxa Hài Đồng (Hiệp Sĩ Team) – La Purisima Church


The winning Raffle Tickets are as follows / Kết quả rút thăm của các giải vé số trúng như sau

Grand Prize
Độc Đắc

No: 202501


First Prize
Giải Nhất

No: 204956


Second Prize
Giải Nhì

No: 266538


Third Prize
Giải Ba

No: 209741


Consolation Prizes (5)
Giải An Ủi (5)

No: 200406, No: 102586, No: 215245, No: 160407, No: 251223

($500 each)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. All activities during Marian Days such as Workshop, Entertainment programs are free admission. There is no need to register as it is first-come, first-serve.
  2. To properly prepare for mass, adoration, confession and other ministries, all Clergy, Religious Order and Deacon are asked to register to attend our event.
  3. We will have many food and drink booths along with gift shops for your purchasing convenience.
  4. In addition, there will be vocation booths and other Catholic Ministry booths where you can get more details directly from these organizations.
  5. New this year is: we will provide filtered drinking water tanks located all around the campus for your hydration refill needs.